E3S Children Working Group

Dear all,

As you know E3S has started a Children Working Group and I am happy to coordinate this important initiative. One of the first tasks will be to organize the E3S workshop on Children during Eurosense 2014.

But before that, we need to establish the working-group and to agree on a mission for our work . Therefore, I will ask those of you who are interested in participating in this work to send an e-mail to me margrethe.hersleth@nofima.no and the secretary@e3sensory.eu as soon as possible and latest December 1st. In the same e-mail I will ask you to give your opinion on the following suggestion for a mission:

The ‘E3S Children Working Group’ aims to facilitate the exchange of research-based knowledge on the mechanisms influencing children’s sensory perception and food preferences, and to promote the further development of methodologies appropriate for data collection from these young consumers.

Best regards

Margrethe Hersleth

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